Are you ready to implement your plan into action?

Implementation perhaps is where most people need some extra "hand holding."

  • COnCEPT OnQ is specific on the implementation of systems. If you are not using systems or don't understand them, this may be where your desire deadends!

  • In Action you take action... but not just any action! You must make sure that your planning will have a successful transition from the planning stages right on through the implementation stages.

  • Q3 Action Membership is designed to help you put your plans into action. Are you ready to make some big changes and actually see your efforts take physical shape?

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In Action, You will implement:

Q2 - Q3 Transition.

Implementing an idea is more than just making a list of to dos and going down the list until it is all checked off. The bigger and more complex an idea is, and especially if it has an impact on others, there are many components that have to be coordinated properly.  This membership has a great deal of hands on and mentoring that is needed in the Q2 to Q3 transition phase.

System Creation and Implementation.

Over and over, the use and creation of systems is stressed. Look around you and see how many systems you can name. Most likely you can take advantage of what already exists, however, if it doesn't, perhaps you are the one to create it.  Systems are an integral part of Purpose Accomplishment.

The Magic of Obedience.

Obedience is a hard word for individuals who have an anti-authority complex.  In the word itself, it seems like there is a loss of freedom. Yet, it is obedience to the laws that govern the outcomes of your desired objective that help (or hinder) your path to accomplishment.  Many times it takes an outsider (mentor) to help you recognize where you can use improvement.

Its about who you know, NOT what you know that really counts.

Connections have always been something that can make or break deals.  Who do you know? Do you need to have other introductions made? As you become part of the Q3 Action Membership and connections are needed, you can be assured that you will be introduced to the proper people who can help you get your project in motion.

Keep that flame burning.

How long are you willing to pursue your dreams? Sometimes (many times actually) dreams and goals get put on a back burner in order to take care of activities such as making a living.  Dreams and goals die in the struggle of life.  In Q3 Action, you learn to keep the flame burning and learn to constantly move toward your objective without the loss of enthusiasm.

Can you write a book?

Perhaps you have accomplished much and now you want to share your ideas and successes. As a publishing company, SAbER Mountain has several ways to help you share your message in a format that will lend more credibility to your expertise. A book is just one of those ways, and this is one way to get that book done you have lingering inside of you.

About the Author: Don-Alan Rekow

Don-Alan is a best-selling author, publisher, and creator of COnCEPT OnQ Personal Empowerment System. He is the founder and president of SAbER Mountain, Inc. publishing and production company.  He is the author of two dozen books, many of which discuss application of the COnCEPT OnQ philosophy. The most comprehensive book about COnCEPT OnQ is There Is No Personal Power In Chaos. His company helps new authors not only publish first-time books but also helps create author platforms to help them market their works.

"What People Are Saying"

Kevin wrote the Foreword in

There Is No Personal Power In Chaos.
" Some of the concepts in the book are so new that you’ll have to read the chapters twice. But then, it starts to sink in and you really do find yourself reading one of the finest personal development books ever written. "

Kevin Hogan Psy.D.

Some of the most unique innovative concepts I've heard. I've never heard anything like this. Don-Alan is an expert in this topic, he is a master at this..

Sheryl Roush

When I listen to a speaker you get to the point where you have heard about every topic out there.  Don-Alan Rekow gave me some knowledge I have never heard before. This is how you can live a much better life.



Debbie Allen

COnCEPT Q has been around for a long time…

… but it has not been well-known.  Some ideas are better promoted but not necessarily good for you.  Marketing makes all the difference in awareness and availability, but has nothing to do with the quality of the information. It is time for COnCEPT OnQ to become better known...


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Action-All In

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$2997+S&H for materials

One time

Personal One-on-one help

(Specific time is set up to help you as you need help.)

Specific Plans are laid out for your project

You will be interviewed for approval of this program

Email/phone Support


12 equal monthly payments, Lifetime access

$297+S&H for materials(one time)

12 Monthly Installments

Personal One-on-one help

(Specific time is set up to help you as you need help.)

Specific Plans are laid out for your project

You will be interviewed for approval of this program

Email/phone Support


COnCEPT OnQ is not the law of attraction or any other idea associated with it.  These ideas take work and dedication and are based on true and correct principles.

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